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We are committed to operating with the utmost accountability, transparency and efficiency; we make every Cent count, ensuring that 100% of your donation will be used directly in the field.In Austria we have no paid staff, and we aim to keep costs in this country to a bare minimum in order to direct our spending and our energy towards field projects HASCO team are working in voluntarily base, we works through volunteers, our volunteers in different countries spending generously their time and expertise to help Afghan children. We promise to our Donors that every Cent will go directly to our humanitarian programme for helping Afghan children.

We will do every thing in our power to keep HASCO as an efficient, transparence and Donors trustworthy help Organization your donation will help Afghan returnees and displaced families to send their children back to school, with your donation you showing your solidarity and support with Afghans to re-build their war-ravaged country after more than two decades of war.

The value of your donation goes beyond the supplying pens pencils or paper, your donation has an important message to Afghans and say that this time Afghanistan been not forgotten by the world community, we support you and we care about your education, this is the message you send with your donation to Afghan children.

Thank you for your trust in Help Afghan School Children Organization (HASCO)

We constantly strive to make the best use of your contributions.Your donations would be processes through secure system of paypal.

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Thank your for supporting Afghanistan children.