Dear supporter,
Thank you for supporting education of Afghan war children.There are many ways to help Afghan Children, please select following option:

1 - Sponsoring an Orphan or needy school Child :

Would you like to sponsoring an Afghan Orphan or a needy school child? and support them financially with 25 $/ € monthly contribution? HASCO volunteers will present your contribution money each month to the family of your sponsored child on your behalf in Kabul, furthermore we will try to connect you directly to the family of sponsored child and let you get direct information about the situation of your sponsored child.
2 - Donation in kind :
If you want to send school need such as schoolbags,school caps, sport articles, please do it. The need is great in Afghanistan for such materials We appreciated your material donations to Afghan children. We will send your material donations as soon as possible to school children in Afghanistan.
3 - Join HASCO Online Volunteers :
We have Online volunteers in different countries. Our online volunteers undertake a variety of assignments to help HASCO.Our online volunteers sharing their time and expertise to help us.

4 - Send education Kit as a Gift :

Afghan children and parents are craving education but decades of hardship have left Afghanistan's education system and schools in ruins. Half of all schools have been damaged or destroyed and most lack basic supplies like books and desks. School material such as schoolbag, pens, notebooks and other stationary are the best gifts to Afghanistan children.

5 - Send your suggestion and comments to us:

What else would you like to do? Do you have any ideas or other actions you might want to take to help Afghan Children? We want to know. Please write any ideas suggestion and comments you may have and send it to us, we would appreciated any comments and suggestion. How you can send your contribution?
A - Material contribution can be sent direct to the following Address. we will present your donation to those who urgently need them.


Lauchgasse 27 / 1

1220 Vienna, Austria

B - For sending Sponsorship contribution you can use the following methods:
1 - If you prefer, you can send donation by paypal to HASCO to use such way please click on the following link PAYPAL

2- send your monthly contribution direct to your sponsored family, we will conect you with the family need your assisstance to send their family in school.