Almost four decades of war and destruction have affected almost all aspects of life in Afghanistan.Unfortunately Afghan children were among the first victims of this long years war and bloodshed,war not only killed and injured thousands innocent Afghan children but at the same time thousands others were deprived from their basic right of education and schooling.

Its very sad that in the 21st century (the age of computer and internet) still thousands Afghan children and young generation are without basic education, these children are the future of Afghanistan and the responsibility of Afghanistan reconstruction have been placed on their shoulders.

Afghan children need to be helped to get lost schooling, unfortunately most of Afghan families are not able to provide their children with stationeries, notepads and school cloths particularly those who recently returned from Pakistan and Iran refugee camps..

With more than 70% of Afghans living in poverty, today, the biggest challenge of Afghan families are to provide their school age children with school material, such as notepads pens pencils, clothes, the majorities of Afghan families inside Afghanistan have three, four, and even more schoolchildren, providing school supplies and stationary for these children are a big challenge to Afghan poor families.

HASCO's Mission is to help Afghan such families overcome the obstacles placed in their way by poverty and war.